1. Do I need to keep the receipt as proof of purchase?

No, you only need to retain the photo that was submitted as the proof of purchase. However, DUPLICATE receipt will be disqualified.

2. What is the deadline for contest submissions?

The contest period is from 29th Feb until 30th April 2016. All contest submissions need to be submitted via Somersby Malaysia WeChat Official Account on or before 11.59pm on each contest day during the contest period.

3. How many entries can I submit?

You may submit as may entries as you like. However, one Receipt No is valid for one entry only. Multiple Receipt No is entitled to multiple entries (i.e 5 receipt no = 5 entries)

4. How many prizes am I entitled to win throughout the contest period?

Each Winner is entitled to only one daily cash prize and/or one weekly prize throughout the Contest Period.

5. How will I know if I am the winner?

Winners list will be announced/available daily in the following methods during contest period:-

   • Somersby Malaysia WeChat Official Account

   • Somersby Malaysia Facebook Account

The winners of the Contest will also be notified via your phone number for prize redemption arrangements.

6. How are the winners selected?

The winners will be drawn electronically on daily and weekly basis. Judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entertained.

7. Do you accept non-digital photograph submission?

No, we only accept contest submissions via Somersby Malaysia WeChat Official Account app.

8. Can the photography be enhanced or manipulated?

Photograph submissions must not be manipulated or enhanced in any way.

9. How do I redeem my prize?

For Daily Cash Prize : The Organiser will contact the winners through phone call on the next business day. Winners are required to email a copy of NRIC and photo of receipt as proof of purchase. Winners will need to retain the photo that was submitted as proof of purchase for verification. Duplicate and/or edited photo will be disqualified.

For Weekly Prize: The Organiser will contact the winners through phone call on every Tuesday of the week throughout the Contest Period. Winners are required to collect the prize personally at Carlsberg Malaysia office. No representative is allowed.

10. What do I need to present when I collect my prize (only applicable for Weekly Prize)?

Winners are required to bring along NRIC for identification purposes and also the winning photo of the Receipt as proof of purchase. The photo has to be presented in the mobile phone where the entry is being submitted and we will be verifying the entry on the same phone.

11. Can I send someone else to collect on behalf in the event that I am unable to personally collect the prizes?

No. You need to personally collect the prize as we need to verify the winner personally.